Sari Scroll

Challenge: To present the concept of Indian Sari for Global audience. Art Direction was key to success.

The entire topic was conceptualized, userinterface and navigation was carefully architected, and presentation was beatifully designed. Together with pracital issues like download speed this site is a tremendous success.

^^ Top horizontal scroll was a novel idea. It looks like a Sari unfolded with it's rectangular shape.

<< On the left, the motifs are cleverly designed navigation bar. It's clickable , yet seamlessly blends with Sari prints.

Pages on the right are really similar in layout and navigation, providing continuity to the theme of Sari; yet each has a unique focus and content. >>>>

<< Adding movement on line sketches in the page here on the left makes the user experience more engaging.

what is sari
page on what is sari
navigation bar navigation bar
how to wear
page on how to wear
flash intro
how is it made
Flash intro to the website
page on how it is made